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Dickson Woven Flooring wins the MIAW award


Dickson Woven Flooring wins a Muuuz International Award (MIAW)

Published on 2021-02-11 - Company
Woven flooring

The Muuuz International Awards (MIAW) are organised by Muuuz magazine in partnership with D'A magazine. For the 8th consecutive year, the MIAW are dedicated to rewarding the most creative, design and innovative manufacturers.


This year, the award ceremony took place at Muuuz's premises on Thursday 28th January 2021 in Paris with Karen Dassy (Senior Designer) and Matthieu Piriou (Business Developer).

The new DICKSON® woven vinyl flooring collection has been selected in the category "Layout, materials, coverings / Woven vinyl flooring" for both its design and technical qualities. Dickson Woven Flooring offers an incomparable choice of patterns, materials and textures as well as new unique colours.

A genuine technical innovation developed (in our factory in the North of France) for the most demanding public environments, Dickson® woven vinyl floors are resistant, comfortable, easy to care for and design. Particularly suitable for public areas, Dickson woven vinyl flooring withstands intensive traffic (class 33) and has unique acoustic capacities (18db).

Find Karen's interview on the new flooring collection :



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