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Dickson & Luminus: saving money on your energy bills


Dickson & Luminus: saving money on your energy bills


Published on 2021-10-20 - Company
Solar protection

Save money on your energy bills by choosing Dickson micro-perforated fabrics

Jacket on the coat rack, umbrella by the door, rug on the carpet... these are unmistakeable signs, the end of the year is here. If, for you, this is synonymous with turning the heating on and therefore increasing energy bills, it may be time to kill two birds with one stone by choosing Dickson's micro-perforated fabrics: the benchmark in technical textiles dedicated to home improvement. As well as giving your windows a warm and elegant look, the micro-perforated fabrics provide both a sound and heat filter and are therefore useful all year round.

Comment réduire concrètement et durablement sa facture énergétique ?

With energy prices soaring, many of you are looking for practical options to reduce your bills. In Belgium, the green energy supplier Luminus offers its customers solutions to reduce their energy consumption and make their homes greener.


On its website, you can find, among other things, a module which allows you to create a personalised plan of small actions to implement to reduce your energy consumption and your carbon footprint! Of course, the list of practical solutions includes the solar panels available from the supplier, but it also includes insulation proposals. Good insulation can in fact reduce your annual energy budget by up to 30%!

How to reduce your energy bill How to reduce your energy bill

Économisez sur votre facture énergétique grâce aux toiles de stores Dickson

So, why not review the insulation coefficient of your home without compromising on style? Thanks to their isolating power, Dickson's micro-perforated fabrics provide a real heat filter. Placed indoors or outdoors, they regulate light and heat and optimise energy use in a sustainable development dynamic. By avoiding turning on the air-conditioning unit too often, you will use less air conditioning and therefore see a noticeable difference in your energy bills. All you have to do is choose your favourite from our available range!

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Would you like to go further in your sustainable energy saving approach? Use the platform of the Belgian energy supplier Luminus, do the test and discover your bespoke savings plan!

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