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Discover O'Sea & Regalite flexible, transparent windows for boats


Discover O'Sea & Regalite flexible, transparent windows for boats


Published on 2022-07-21 - Products
Marine - Osea - Regalite

To complement its range of marine fabrics, Sunbrella has selected the O'Sea® and Regalite® vinyl sheets: high-end, flexible, transparent windows designed to enhance the visual comfort of its spray hoods.

O'Sea and Regalite are press-polished to create long-lasting, high-performance, transparent vinyl sheets that are weather-resistant and flexible and offer exceptional, distortion-free optical clarity. They also provide UV protection, to help to keep amateur sailors safe against the sun's rays and glare, and are UV-resistant, thus preventing the yellowing and fragility often associated with other transparent windows.

O'Sea vinyl bears the same characteristics as Regalite vinyl and boasts a unique coating on both sides: this guarantees great resistance to scratches and means that the window will not get damaged when it comes into contact with substances like sun cream, insect repellent, and fuel.


For all these reasons O'Sea® and Regalite® are a popular choice among all sailing lovers.

To find out more about the exceptional performance of our flexible, transparent windows, download our documentation.

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