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Create timeless decor with our Sunbrella fabrics


Discover our selection of Sunbrella fabrics for timeless decor


Published on 2022-07-15 - Company

Dickson Design Studio is constantly coming up with new soft-touch materials, textures and prints that give personality to your living spaces while working in harmony with each other. It provides numerous possible associations and environments so that each fabric can be integrated and find its place in your living spaces. After presenting a selection of textiles to enhance the contemporary style of a city house, our designers invite you to discover two other environments with character: the traditional house with its rustic charm, and the seaside house with its natural furniture with clean lines.

This month, the next stop is the Atlantic coast for an excursion to a seaside house. This house with its white, or even off-white walls, is bathed in light. Its charm also lies in the choice of natural and authentic materials, the wood, the canework of the accessories and the wooden beams. The decor is clean and minimalist, with only a few wooden pieces of furniture sitting on waxed concrete floors. The colour of the sand, the blue of the sky and the wild coast are echoed in the neutral tones and the raw, clean materials of this atmosphere that calls for rest and tranquillity.

To enjoy the mellow, peaceful charm of this home for a long time to come, make your search for materials and style part of a sustainable approach thanks to the timelessness of the materials and colours of our Sunbrella fabrics:

To enjoy the mellow, peaceful charm of this home for a long time to come, make your search for materials and style part of a sustainable approach thanks to the timelessness of the materials and colours of our Sunbrella fabrics:

“It's an approach that is rooted in the desire for well-being and calm in the home” says Audrey Eloi, Senior Designer at Dickson Constant. “To do this, choose to create an atmosphere in shades reminiscent of nature, raw materials, whites, off-whites, linen or hemp colours, but also rocky greys and mineral colour palettes.”

It's about choosing decor that will last for decades without looking tired, that will always give you comfort and look beautiful, and will always match your personality, year after year. To do this, choose timeless plain or textured fabrics to ensure that your style lasts over time:

“Our Heritage and Lopi ranges are a sure bet. With their rough and crafted look, they bring a gentle depth for a sought-after and always trendy look”

Think about matching the colours of your textiles with the materials in the space and create a warm, clean and relaxing atmosphere:

“Our Heritage Papyrus 18006 00, Savane White J325, Chartres Heather J189, Archi Frame R051 and Lopi Marble R108 have soft tones, which fit perfectly with furniture made of natural materials such as wood or rattan. And to add a gentle, green touch to your home, choose Ikebana Uyuni J369”

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