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Find an overview of SWK 15 in the Verre & Menuiserie news


Find an overview of SWK 15 in the Verre & Menuiserie news


Published on 2022-05-25 - Products
Solar protection

verre-et-menuiserie-magazine verre-et-menuiserie-magazine

Verre et Menuiserie, the magazine for glass, closures and solar protection, dedicates one of its news items to seasonal fabrics in its March/April 2022 print issue. Dickson® fabrics were presented alongside other new products on the market.

Adrien Derreumeux, solar protection market manager, took the opportunity to present SWK15, a micro-perforated fabric that can be used as a shade sail, to close the sides of a pergola or as an outdoor roller blind:

“This fabric is much more open (15%) than the standards ones on the market (3 to 5%), so it provides better visibility, while guaranteeing less wind factor”.

In addition to being the perfect compromise between visibility and brightness, SWK 15 is available in 9 colours: the grey, natural, red, blue and green tones are in keeping with the latest market trends.

In addition to the close up on this range for multiple residential applications, this article introduces SWK Top, “a new waterproof micro-perforated fabric for pergola roofs and shade sails” while announcing the release of the new collection of solution-dyed acrylic fabrics at the end of this year.

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