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La Panière: wall decoration and choice of HP Latex technology


French bakery chain La Panière uses HP Latex technology

Published on 2021-04-30 - Company
Solar protection - SWK6

The bakery combines the expertise of HP, IOC Print and technical fabric specialists Dickson Constant for innovative interior design.


Originating in the Savoie region of France, La Panière already has more than 40 outlets and recently opened its fourth bakery in the Rhône region, in Genay.

Large-format acoustic panels in SWK6 INK adorn the bakery walls, providing a neat and eye-catching backdrop for this business that is proud of its reputation for authenticity and know-how.

This project provided an opportunity for HP and Dickson's partner IOC Print to produce a press release highlighting HP Latex technology and Dickson's technical textile expertise.


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