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Heritage, the Sunbrella fabric range made from 50% recycled fibres


Heritage, the Sunbrella fabric range made from 50% recycled fibres


Published on 2022-08-23 - Products
Upholstery - Heritage

Internationally recognised for the exceptional quality of our upholstery fabrics, our Sunbrella brand continues to break new ground by offering a range of acrylic fabrics that are part of an ethical and reasoned production cycle. In an effort to recycle our work-in-process waste, we have developed the Renaissance programme. This programme involves recovering textile offcuts from manufacturing machines, splitting them into colour groups and reducing them to a fibre state. They are then mixed with Sunbrella “virgin” fibres before being reused in the manufacture of new fabric. Renaissance threads combine up to 50% recycled fibres.


The fibres in our Sunbrella fabrics are solution-dyed for increased durability and strength. The integration of colour pigments at the heart of the fibre ensures that our upholstery fabrics last longer: they have a 5-year guarantee and are therefore updated less often than traditional fabrics, for interior and exterior decoration that is both elegant and durable. The use of solution-dyed acrylic threads also helps save water.


The Heritage range was on display and showcased in the Trendshow Outdoor Lifestyle area at the Spoga 2022 trade fair in Cologne, but also on our stand, which showed our recycled fibres, revealing the material from which our threads are made. Made up of 12 trendy and bright plain colours, Heritage meets the same specifications for which our Sunbrella fabrics are renowned: water-repellent, resistant to fading caused by prolonged UV exposure, our Heritage fabrics are also stain resistant, and provide comfort and softness that makes them pleasant to use, look at and touch.

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