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Our Infinity fabrics in Verre et Protections Mag

Press release

Our Infinity fabrics are showcased in Verre et Protections Mag


Published on 2022-04-01 - Company
Solar protection - Infinity


Verre et Protections Magazine, the leading magazine for glazing, windows and closures, has organised its Grand Prize for Innovation "Protection Solaire & Fermeture 2022". To do this, it selected 11 products and solutions to be highlighted in its 129th issue and on its social media as part of the competition.


This was a chance for Dickson® to highlight its Infinity fabrics and present its patented Dickson Resilient System technology: “an exclusive acrylic fibre that produces a high-resilience thread for enhanced fabric stability". The article provides a brief overview of the benefits of our Infinity fabrics:

  • Controlled dimensional stability for less sagging
  • A large width for less embossing
  • A "square" fabric that can be used for both warp and weft
  • A multi-purpose fabric that adapts to all systems


It is accompanied by a short interview with Adrien Derreumaux, Solar Protection Market Manager, who elaborates on these points while referring to the market's expectations: fabrics "with ever larger dimensions" but with "flawless beauty". With its innovative Dickson Resilient System and four wide-width formats, Adrien Derreumaux confirms Infinity meets all consumer requirements, both in terms of size and performance.

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