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L'Echo de la Baie introduces Dickson Solar Fabrics


L'Echo de la Baie announces the upcoming launch of Dickson Solar Fabrics


Published on 2022-07-05 - Products
Solar protection

L'Echo de la Baie, the leading window magazine, has announced the upcoming launch of Dickson's new awning fabric collection, Dickson Solar Fabrics, in the news section of its website.

Scheduled for release in early 2023, Dickson Solar Fabrics will complete the iconic Orchestra range, Dickson's benchmark in acrylic solar fabrics. It will expand the existing range of:


  • 58 new exclusive products
  • 4 large colour families to match all styles
  • 4 strong foundations around which the spirit of this new range of awning fabrics is based


Dickson Solar Fabrics not only intends to brighten up its current collection with new shades and patterns, but also aspires to fix the design, manufacture and life of its fabrics in an ethical cycle, designed to put people and the environment in the spotlight. So, check out L'Echo de la Baie to find out more about our new awning fabric collection!



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