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Materials & Light, the trade show of innovative solutions for architecture


Materials & Light, the trade show of innovative solutions for architecture


Published on 2021-09-28 - Events
Woven flooring

Dickson Constant was at the Materials & Light trade show, at the Carreau du Temple in Paris, on the 13 and 14 September 2021. It was an opportunity to showcase Dickson Woven Flooring - a collection of new generation woven vinyl. Read the interview with Pierre Pénicaud, Sales Director for Flooring, Specifiers and Franchise France, who presents the product!

Dickson flooring has been designed for intensive residential and commercial use. Woven from revolutionary fibres, they are extremely wear resistant. An innovative textile solution at the forefront of design, it is perfectly suited to the most demanding environments in terms of functionality and durability.


Flooring is an essential part of interior design, creating the atmosphere of a room and also setting the mood. It is therefore desirable that it has the longest lifespan possible and that it is easy to maintain. Therefore choosing the colour or material is key. Dickson woven flooring meets today's needs - with added depth and perspective. A true technical innovation developed for the most demanding environments - offices, hotels, shops, restaurants - Dickson flooring adapts to any space and helps create elegant, welcoming and original atmospheres. With more than 180 years of know-how and world-renowned expertise, Dickson has developed a collection of woven flooring based on revolutionary fibres. The combination of weft and warp thread on the wear side helps create different looks and shade the colours to form perspectives depending on the light intensity. It imitates textiles but doesn't have any of its disadvantages: it is very resistant, comfortable and easy to maintain.


With Dickson Woven Flooring, you can break free from laying norms or, on the other hand, follow them by mixing items to create patterns, perspectives and reflections which transform interiors. Today, thanks to the many existing shapes and unique colour palette, it has never been easier to define your own rules and make your floor a major decorative feature. The floor becomes an expression of creativity and covering it is an art.


Whether it's an office, hotel or living space, each space is unique. Dickson has developed a flooring simulator to help professionals carry out their projects. The tool helps create a unique, highly realistic 3D experience, combining digital technology and top-end service!

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