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Made in France woven flooring that is more resistant and easier to care for


Made in France woven flooring that is more resistant and easier to care for


Published on 2022-03-02 - Products
Woven flooring


Flooring is an essential part of any interior design project, creating the atmosphere of a room and setting the mood. Therefore, choosing it is key: it becomes essential that it is easy to care for and it lasts for a long time. At the end of this year, Dickson is pushing innovation even further and unveiling its new CleanGuard technology. The promise: to be the first woven flooring to make your life (even) easier!

Designed for intensive commercial use, Dickson woven flooring is suitable for any space and helps create elegant, welcoming and original environments. Woven from revolutionary fibres, the Dickson Woven Flooring collection makes it possible to create different looks and to shade colours depending on light intensity. The collection, which is warm just like the textile, has no disadvantages: it is comfortable and very resistant, not to mention easy to care for. After more than 3 years of research and development, Dickson has perfected an integrated transparent varnish which optimises protection and reduces wear without compromising the product's original characteristics.


Stain resistance and easy to care for Stain resistance and easy to care for

The developed CleanGuard technology adds a varnished overlay to the woven wear surface, delaying its soiling while enhancing its stain resistance and ease of maintenance. The layer of varnish is integrated directly into the finished product, providing additional protection and ensuring that the material looks the same. CleanGuard technology is odourless and contributes to a healthy interior. All these qualities can be added to the list of Dickson woven flooring features that we already know.

In fact, Dickson Woven Flooring is made up of 5 distinct layers - each of which provides unique technical features such as a minimum sound absorption of 18 dB, a dimensional stability of less than 0.1% and an almost zero risk of fraying thanks to the mono-filaments that make it up. These mono-filaments ensure a clean cut for a quick and efficient fitting and a neat finish!

A major step forward for the woven flooring market, the varnish will be integrated into all existing ranges in the collection by early 2022. In the future, this technology will mean the brand will be able to offer a wider range of colours, including in particular very light tones.

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