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Match our Sunbrella fabrics to your contemporary decor


Match our Sunbrella fabrics to your contemporary decor


Published on 2022-05-13 - Products
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Dickson's in-house design studio has come up with new woven materials that are pleasant to the touch to match your indoor and outdoor spaces. Its goal is to consider possible associations and environments so that each developed material can find its place in your living spaces. That's why our designers offer you three selections of textiles that showcase three environments with character: the rustic, traditional house, the city house with its graphic architecture and the house by the sea with its natural and refined furniture.

This month, we are offering a selection of Sunbrella fabrics to accentuate the graphic look of your decor in a contemporary villa. Located in the city or on the outskirts of town, it is characterised by its cubic style. Its geometric facade and its large bay windows match the materials its built from: steel, marble, glass and tiles. Thanks to its glass partitions, the inside spaces connect with the outside spaces, allowing the charming, abundant garden to be enjoyed as a living image in all living spaces, as well as beautiful natural light.

To highlight the geometric shapes of this house's architecture, the Dickson Design Studio recommends you play with the colours and subtle contrasts that they create between them:

“If you want to assert your personality, you can be bold with the colour”, says Audrey Eloi, Senior Designer at Dickson Constant. “Our wide range of 50 Solids colours gives you plenty of choice: with its ottoman, dyed and quilted styles, you can create a unique and colourful look”.

To accentuate furniture and decorative cushions, consider black and dark grey fabrics with tailoring detail:

“Small touches of black or dark grey fabrics add character and accentuate shapes. They give your rooms a very modern and designer feel. Piping, or even double piping, adds contrast and enhances the graphic aspect of a room's layout or architecture," says Audrey. “For example, our Solid Black or Heritage Char designs are ideal for drawing attention to a beautiful sofa”.

As you can see, the main thing here is to focus on pure colours to bring life and energy to your rooms:

“Choose a Solid Rainforest fabric for your sofa and match it with cushions with a touch of fresh, bright yellow such as our Mezzo Sulfur or our Solid Lin. Combine them with a dazzling Solid True Blue to cover an armchair or a footstool, there's so many bold colours that will bring a lot of personality to your indoor and outdoor spaces”.

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