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New collection inspired by nature | Sunbrella Marine


New Sunbrella Marine collection


Published on 2024-01-20 - Company

New Sunbrella Collection Marine

The METSTADE show in Amsterdam in mid-November marked the official launch of the new Sunbrella Marine collection. This renewal of the collection is an invitation to freedom, a return to basics and the essentials, represented by more than 200 references.  In order to best meet the needs of yachtsmen and to anticipate tomorrow's trends, a working group made up of five international nautical designers, Sunbrella designers and the market team came together to create this inspiring collection.

Let's give the floor to Amandine Fournier, Marine Designer, who imagined the textiles for the Marine 2024 collection and gave impetus to 4 universes inspired by nature through rich colour palettes.

Dickson Constant: What was your source of inspiration for the development of this new Sunbrella Marine collection ?

Amandine Fournier : This collection was inspired by a real need for escape, adventure, going back to basics and living more simply and in harmony with what surrounds us. Nature was the creative driving force behind the new references on offer, with a strong desire to offer colours from great landscapes, the sea and the oceans.

DC: Where did this desire to combine natural elements with marine fabrics come from, whether for boat protection or marine furnishings ?

Amandine Fournier: For the design team, combining natural elements with marine canvas was an obvious choice. The floating space of the boat is supported and protected by nature.  It's a sport or leisure activity that can only be envisaged thanks to a certain number of natural elements such as wind and water, for example.  Boats are already part of these elements. SUNBRELLA's new marine fabrics for protection and furnishing, offer new colours with the aim of respecting the existing osmosis between sailing and the environment in which it is practised.

DC: What's the "plus" in this collection? What colours have been added to it ?

Amandine Fournier : The "plus" is really more colour, and in particular the introduction of a range of celadons, greens with shades somewhere between lagoon, forest and eucalyptus leaf. In addition to celadons, we've expanded the range of reds with much more sophisticated and subtle terracottas in orange hues.

DC : What would be your advice for approaching colour on a boat, both indoors and out ?

Amandine Fournier : I think you have to let yourself be carried along by the energy of your sailing. For family boating, for example, I recommend soft colours, punctuated with terracottas to give you the feeling of being at home on the water. If it's a more sporty type of sailing, you can opt for darker colours that are more intense and stimulating, and which will absorb the weather better. The little extra touch that always makes a difference is to punctuate your upholstery with a contrasting touch of piping, stitching or cushioning, for example.

DC: What's your favourite colour in this Marine collection ?

Amandine Fournier : I don't have just one! I really like Natté Cosmos blue, for its caramel reflections, its depth and its piqué effect that takes us under the clear sky of a starry night.  And I really like SIENNA, it's a warm, dynamic colour that comes in all the ranges from uncoated sunbrella to sunbrella plus (boat protection range) and in solids for the seats, under the name ANTELOPE.


DC : Here's a board of the 4 colour inspirations (DEEP SHADES - WARM NEUTRAL -EARTHY TONES - SOOTHING COLORS) from the collection, what comes to mind when you see these moodboards?

Amandine Fournier: What comes to mind is, first of all, the work of the many people who collaborated and contributed to producing this collection and the atmosphere that emanates from these moodboards.  There's as much a desire to offer different landscapes of fabrics as different marine practices, and I think you can feel that when you look at these images :

- Warm neutrals are neutral, sunny colours, while the very contemporary sandy beiges are elegant, timeless colours.

- Deep blue is our flagship blue range, with navy shades that take on new nuances and reflections, from violet to electric blue. We've completed this range with pastel colours that will bring a breath of fresh air to the boat.

- Soothing colours include celadons, a very specific green characterised by grey-white and blue reflections, inspired by the particular colouring of eucalyptus leaves. These are very natural colours that will add a subtle 'green touch' to the cockpit.

- Earthy tones, which bring together all the terracottas and browns, are warm colours that will give a feeling of home, a little house on the water.

The Sunbrella Marine collection offers over 200 references across 10 ranges. Designed to meet specific needs, the fabrics are used for boat seats and cushions, biminis and dodgems, as well as protective tarpaulins. The variety of our ranges means we can equip all types of boats: RIBs, yachts, sailboats, catamarans, etc...

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