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Sunbrella outdoor upholstery fabrics on display at Renson's new NOA Outdoor Living showroom


Sunbrella outdoor upholstery fabrics on display at Renson's new NOA Outdoor Living showroom


Published on 2023-01-23 - Company

NOA Outdoor Living: a 30,000 m² inspiration park for outdoor design

For over a century, Renson has been committed to creating healthier outdoor spaces. In 2022, the company broke new ground and created a new concept: a Noah's ark bringing together all the players in the outdoor design industry. At the heart of this green oasis are 12 fully landscaped commercial, public and residential gardens. You will find all the products of the outdoor world here: tiny houses, outdoor kitchens, barbecues, decoration, shade sails, plants but also and obviously garden furniture and the outdoor upholstery fabrics that cover them.

A multitude of expertise concentrated in a single inspiration park

Renson's dream stems from the current trend of wanting to enjoy the outdoors and reconnect with nature. Opened in November 2022, the NOA showroom in Kruisem, Belgium has 2,000 m² of windows and offers a stunning view of its park, reflecting the increasingly close link between indoors and outdoors.

For the coming year, Renson has gathered around thirty partners in its majestic park. The brand, already renowned for its ventilation and sun protection solutions, has invited Sunbrella to exhibit its outdoor fabrics which are useful for all outdoor projects.

Upholstery fabrics: find Sunbrella outdoor fabrics

The range of Sunbrella fabrics covers a wide range of applications: upholstery fabrics for sofas, outdoor chair fabrics, outdoor cushion fabrics... Fade resistant, weather resistant and above all easy to care for, they are perfect for covering your garden furniture.

Although promoted as for outdoor applications, Sunbrella collections are also suitable for interior home designs. They are soft to the touch and sustainable because the fibres that make up the fabrics are solution-dyed.

The combination of all these partners offers professionals and public authorities a unique opportunity to discover the latest innovations in terms of outdoor design. It is also a must for individuals looking for inspiration!

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