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Sunbrella launches its influencer partnership with 2boys1house


Partnership with 2boys1house - Renovation and decorating influencers


Published on 2022-08-24 - Company


With a desire to increase awareness among decorating and furnishing enthusiasts, our Sunbrella brand of high-performance upholstery fabrics is launching a partnership with the influencers 2boys1house.


Lilian and Valentin share their adventures in videos on their blog and social media, from the renovation of their 1850 house to their Airbnb. Followed by large French-speaking communities mainly based in France and Belgium, they have created a world of their own, between sound advice and very beautiful photos, always with a touch of humour! Enthusiastic and creative, they are also mindful of environmental issues.


That's why we have chosen 2boys1house to highlight the indoor and outdoor uses of our upholstery fabrics. Through a series of photos and videos, Lilian and Valentin will highlight the elegance and efficiency of our acrylic fabrics, by showing off, among others, the Ancône and Lounge seats created in collaboration with Lafuma Mobilier, the Made in France brand with the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label. This will be the opportunity for our respective brands to communicate our common values, in particular the selection of highly resistant and sustainable materials, energy and resource savings as well as the desire to produce in France.


Follow the adventures of 2boys1house on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or on their blog!

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