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Project OUI CARE


Project OUI CARE

Published on 2021-03-19 - Company
Woven flooring


The French leader in home services, OUI CARE, has moved into its new headquarters in Le Mans and has chosen Dickson woven vinyl flooring for its 3,000 m2 office space. The floor was installed by the teams of COREFI, flooring contractor & Dickson Woven Flooring Expert.
Read the interview with Valérie Loury Clément, Director at Corefi, who talks about this magnificent project.







Dickson: Can you present your company and your activity in a few words?


Valérie Clément: COREFI is a company that supplies and installs flexible floors, tiles and parquet. I got to know Dickson through an interior designer several years ago and we immediately integrated Dickson products into our internal showroom, which is used to guide our customers in their choices whenever they wish.






You are a Dickson Woven Flooring Expert. Can you explain to us what this means for your company COREFI?


V.C: Ourinstallers have completed the installation courses at DICKSON, allowing us to be labelled "expert installers" since March 2018. As experts, we had the opportunity to visit the manufacturing site and to preview the new collections. We can therefore offer these French-made products with full confidence and knowledge.

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ouicare ouicare




For the OUI CARE project, you installed 3000m² of woven vinyl flooring. What were the challenges for the floor on this project?


V.C: For this project, we had to respect the harmonies imagined by the architectural firm Where is Brian (a mix of different tile colours on each level of the building), but also acoustics, since the building is HQE compliant, which Dickson woven products offer thanks to their integrated acoustic underlay. This also allowed us to respect the economics of the project (an added underlay would have been out of budget). Finally, the supplies were fluid and consistent with the progress of the work.






Once the Dickson floor was installed, what were your impressions?


V.C: The first impression was the size of each level: 600 m² of 50x50 woven tiles mixed on one level, that's big! And the mix of tile colours was justified to give dynamism to the floor in these large spaces (the building is mainly composed of open spaces).

Once the layout is complete, the first thing you notice are the floors woven with these colour mixes. In this project, the floor plays a very important role in the decoration and gives the building a strong visual identity. And the change of harmony on each level is very pleasant.

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ouicare ouicare




What advantages in terms of installation and maintenance do you find in woven vinyl flooring?


V.C: The installation of the 50x50 tiles is quite quick, fortunately for a project of this size. Our teams were present from September to the end of December (levelling, preparation, installation and finishing). The site was delivered on time.

As several trades had to work after us, the tiles were unfortunately heavily soiled, but after careful cleaning at the end of the project, there was no residual soiling. One of the great advantages of Dickson woven vinyl! The product is resistant and closed, the threads being welded to the underlay, which prevents dirt from penetrating deeply. The visual result is immediate, the floors are particularly classy, comfortable and easy to maintain.






What do you remember about this great project?


V.C: A great reference for COREFI, which allowed us to promote the know-how of our teams.

A sympathetic project owner whom we thank for trusting us, as well as the architectural agency Where is Brian with whom we enjoyed working, as well as the AMO Erkrial whom we also thank.
The main thing I remember is the professionalism of our teams and the quality of their work.
And of course the pleasure of working with the Dickson team, from the consultation phase to the delivery of the project. We had great support, regular visits and flawless logistics. We warmly thank all the members of this great team!

ouicare ouicare

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