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Re-cover: change fabric to change everything


Re-cover: change fabric to change everything


Published on 2022-03-01 - Products
Solar protection

mould resistance mould resistance

A fabric that stands the test of time

Your awning is a key part of your decor. It adds elegance to your facades, extends your indoor spaces outdoors, and offers you protection on spring evenings or sunny summer days.

But after years of sun damage, some fibers, such as polyester or cotton, can look washed out. Harsh weather and wind can also tear fabric and cause mold. What’s more, even if you take care of your awning, stains and dirt are hard to avoid. Some designs can also look very dated. Awning re-cover is a way to modernize your outdoor spaces and switch to longer-lasting and more resistant solution-dyed acrylic fabric.

Re-cover: fast, economical and sustainable

Easy and effective, re-cover usually takes less than two hours, adjustments included. On their first visit, your awning technician will measure your awning and help you select the right fabric for you and your outdoor spaces. They will then return to replace the old damaged fabric with the new one. Job done! No need to replace the awning structure or take it all apart.

Since you only change the awning fabric, you also save money. On average, re-cover costs a quarter of the price of a new awning. So, you enjoy all the benefits of a new awning, without buying one.

As you only replace what you need to replace, re-cover is also kind to the environment. By saving the resources needed to make a new awning, you’re helping to build a sustainable future. Re-cover is also an opportunity to switch to solution-dyed acrylic fabric, which offers highly effective thermal protection from sunlight. In summer, it lowers the temperature and reduces the need for air-conditioning, saving you energy.

bars and restaurants bars and restaurants

Change of fabric, change of style

We often redecorate to feel comfortable in a new home: we rearrange the rooms, repaint the walls, and take pains to select the right furniture. But when it comes to outdoor spaces, it’s a much bigger and more expensive job. Or is it? There’s one simple solution that’s within easy reach. If your new home has an old awning, re-cover it as a more cost-effective way to restyle your outdoor spaces, coordinate it with your exteriors, or create a look that suits you.

Cafe, hotel and restaurant terraces are often among a customer’s favorite places. Here, they can catch the last rays of sun with friends, lunch with co-workers or people-watch as they enjoy their first coffee of the day. Just as your terrace extends your business, so your awning provides shelter for your clientele. Outside like inside, it should be welcoming, clean and in good condition. Re-cover is an opportunity to make a strong street statement. Find the right style for you by selecting your fabric from more than 300 Dickson® products. Each fabric can be customized with a logo and/or tagline to attract passing trade.

Solution-dyed acrylic Solution-dyed acrylic

Solution-dyed acrylic: tried and tested

Awning fabric should resist sun damage and weather exposure over time. But some materials do the job better than others. Dickson® fabrics are made from solution-dyed acrylic. A synthetic material, acrylic delivers excellent performance and provides thermal protection

By lowering the temperature in summer and protecting from fine rain the rest of the year, it does exactly what an outdoor fabric should do. The yarn of solution-dyed fabric is dyed all the way through during production. Unlike other materials, which are dyed after spinning or weaving, solution-dyed fabric keeps its color for longer. To choose an Orchestra fabric is to make the right choice.

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