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The Sunbrella team was in London for the Boat Connect event


The Sunbrella team was in London for the Boat Connect event


Published on 2022-04-12 - Events

Boat Connect was a networking event held in the prestigious Chelsea Harbour Design Centre in London organised by Boat International magazine. It brought together eight leading yacht design companies with eight suppliers for a ten minute “speed dating” formula during which we presented the company and the Sunbrella upholstery ranges. This was followed by drinks during which the conversations continued in a relaxed and informal manner. Following their participation, Kevin Wild, UK Sales Manager and Audrey Eloi, Senior Designer, gave us their feedback in a short interview:

Who did you meet - What did you talk about during the Boat Connect ?

We met with renowned yacht design companies including Winch Design, RWD Yacht Design, Gresham Yacht Design, Finchatton, Studio Indigo, Vickers Studio and Wayne Parker Design, with two key decision makers from each company. The ten minutes was just enough time for us to present the company, the advantages of Sunbrella fabrics and the collections but it was also very interactive with each company giving feedback and asking questions during our presentation. 

A number spoke about actual projects they were working on in both the marine and residential sector. The environment and sustainability were reoccurring topics of importance - a subject very close to designers hearts when specifying. 

Did your interviewees know about Sunbrella? How was the brand perceived?

Yes, all of the designers knew Sunbrella and most had specified the fabrics on projects. They spoke favourably of the brand, aware of its superior performance and comprehensive range of colours, designs and textures, which is a perfect combination for the marine environment. 

What did you discuss at the social drinks?

During the « social drinks », some designers were interested to have more details and to see more developments. It was a great opportunity to show them some new products and colours of the future Marine collection that we are working on and to have their feedback. We were also able to focus on the designer’s projects and their needs.

What did it bring you?

Whilst all of the designers knew Sunbrella, it was an excellent opportunity to remind them of the benefits of our fabrics and to update them on the current collections. It was wonderful to have so many influential designers under the same roof at the same time! Also, the fact that they could share their passion of design and fabrics with our own designer Audrey, was very well received and was certainly one of the key reasons for the success of our participation at this event. 

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