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Sunbrella sponsors navigator Mathis Bourgnon


Sunbrella sponsors navigator Mathis Bourgnon


Published on 2024-06-24 - Events

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At just 27 years of age, Mathis Bourgnon has already forged a solid reputation in the world of sailing. His program for 2024 is packed, with events such as Les Sables d'Olonne (France) - Les Açores (Portugal) in July and the return trip in August, followed in September by a 300-mile double-handed race in Concarneau (France). These events will be essential preparation for his ultimate goal: the double Transat. This means the Mini Transat 2025 and the North Atlantic record. Two solo Atlantic crossings on a 6.50-meter sailboat.

Sunbrella's support is particularly significant for Mathis. The brand, known for the durability and resistance of its fabrics, finds a perfect echo in the challenges faced by sailors on the high seas.

By partnering with a talent like Mathis Bourgnon, Sunbrella demonstrates its commitment to innovation and excellence, values shared by the young skipper. Mathis, for his part, gains essential support that will help him focus on his performance and aim for podium finishes in future competitions. The year 2024 looks promising for Mathis Bourgnon. With Sunbrella by his side, the sailor is well equipped to face the waves and challenges of the high seas, pursuing his dream of conquering the oceans and leaving an indelible mark on the history of sailing.


Find out more about the Double Transat project here

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