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Sunbrella Marine, support and sponsor of Lilian Geolle's Atlantic crossing


Sunbrella, sponsor of Lilian Geolle's Atlantic crossing


Published on 2022-04-04 - Company

Lilian GeolleLilian Geolle

This year, Sunbrella had the honour of partnering a very ambitious project! This was Lilian Geolle's adventure, who took part in the Mini Transat last September. The Mini Transat is a solo transatlantic crossing, with no assistance, no means of communication with the land and without GPS mapping on board the smallest ocean racing yachts at only 6.5 metres long!

Sponsoring this project was therefore an obvious choice for Sunbrella. Just like our yachting customers, we share a passion for the sea, a taste for challenges and we also want to highlight the values conveyed by the challenge taken up by this young skipper.

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a small boat alone at just 20 years old means that you have to be adventurous, versatile and efficient to meet the demands of such a trial.

For Sunbrella, contributing to this human and collective adventure deeply echoes our day-to-day work: R&D, design and sales teams working together with an emphasis on excellence to create high-performance textiles that accompany you in extreme conditions.

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