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Sunbrella X Lafuma Mobilier - Allure Collection

Press release

Sunbrella X Lafuma Mobilier


Published on 2021-11-04 - Products
Upholstery - Allure



A leader in the industry, Sunbrella® is partnering with LAFUMA MOBILIER for the launch of the Allure Collection. This new range of furniture, combining comfort and French elegance, reveals the craftsmanship of these two brands that share the same high standards and values.


Designed for indoor and outdoor use, Allure is composed of tables and seating avaliable in two ranges "Ancône" and "Lounge". They are suitable for any living space, brillantly combining aesthetic and functionality. Meanwhile, each seat is covered in triple layer quilting from the Tundra range by Sunbrella®, exclusively produced for LAFUMA MOBILIER and avaliable in three colors: Colbalt Blue, Ebony Black and Granite Grey.


Sunbrella and Lafuma MobilierSunbrella and Lafuma Mobilier
the Tundra range by Sunbrellathe Tundra range by Sunbrella

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