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Testimonial of a craftsman saddler in Denmark who chooses Sunbrella, the benchmark in marine fabrics


When the performance meets the know-how of Krzysztof, craftsman saddler


Published on 2022-02-15 - Products

For seven years now, Krzysztof, a Danish craftsman saddler, has specialised in creating boat covers. From then on, he has chosen Sunbrella fabrics to ensure customer satisfaction. Today he explains why he believes these/our fabrics are the best choice for performance, ease of care and looks.


“I've been knowing the Sunbrella fabrics for many years but I've started to use it 7 years ago while I focused more on to make boat covers. Before using Sunbrella fabrics I've been trying many of fabrics brand over the years but there were always some problems with them. Now I've been using Sunbrella for 7 years and my problems disappeared. Sunbrella fabrics are easy to work with because they are very flexible but very stable and strong at the same time. Thanks to my experience I know Sunbrella is the best fabrics for boat covers so I always recommend this brand for my customers who trust me and follow my opinion. Sunbrella is the quality reference but also offers a wide choice of design colors and is also very easy to clean, this is all what I need to satisfy my customers. Thanks to the combination of high-quality fabric and also the good quality of making of covers I make my clients happy.”

Krzysztof O. Cover Maker SEJLSERVICE Helsingør Denmark.



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