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The 3D simulator: Dickson Flooring Project




Published on 2022-01-24 - Products

Vinyl woven flooring from the Dickson Woven Flooring collection is both long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing. Well-known for its modular design, it comes in a assortment of different combinations.: a wide selection of ranges, colours and shapes; everything you could possibly need to create a personalised space for your dream project! Whatever professional project you have in mind (office, café-hotel-restaurant, retail, etc.), get one step ahead and see what the Dickson 3D floor simulator has to offer in terms of finish: the Dickson Flooring Project.

Break with tradition

Sold in classic formats (rolls or tiles), the Dickson Woven Flooring collection is also available to order in different shapes. Experiment and modulate your flooring according to your own personal desires and needs. Transform your space with your own patterns, trends and reflections. Play with light, textures and reflections and let your imagination run wild. Thanks to the different ranges, colours and layouts, your flooring can become a major decorative feature.

Refine your project online

With just a few quick and concise steps, you can bring your project to life and readjust it as many times as you like! In addition to visualising your flooring finish using the ERP of your choice, you can also export the textures and layouts using your own tools. The exports provided are compatible with Sketch Up (v8.0), Maya (ColladaMaya), LightWave 3D (v9.5), Freecad, Cinema 4D, MAXON, 3ds max (ColladaMax), Adobe Photoshop, Meshlab, Artioscad and Blender. Don't wait another second! Bring your project to life in just a few clicks and benefit from our sample service to make your final choice!

The Dickson 3D Floor Simulator is the first in the industry to integrate colour variations and offer ultra-realistic simulations. Available on the www.dicksonflooringproject.com website, it is accessible from any browser and updated regularly to meet your needs!

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