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A revisited metallic icon in textile design version


 A revisited metallic icon in textile design version


Published on 2024-02-29 - Events
Upholstery - Heritage

Discover Sablon, rm-mobilier's new furniture range, inspired by the iconic 1958 Lutetia chair and created in partnership with the Brussels trio Maak & Transmettre as part of the Vitrine pour un.e designer contest.

With this Sablon line, the Maak & Transmettre group of designers combines style with ergonomics, comfort with boldness, inviting you to relax and make the most of every moment. Here, every detail is designed with your well-being in mind. Thanks to its quilting combining foam and recycled Sunbrella textile covering, Sablon evokes a feeling of softness and harmony. 

It's a comforting range - made up of different furniture: chair, lounge, table and stool - designed primarily for terraces, where it adds a touch of originality. The idea is to challenge the desire for change and recyclability, offering a sustainable and aesthetic alternative. With its interchangeable covers and straps, you have the freedom to create your own style, change color and look as you please, and follow the trends of the seasons. Add to this the fact that all our materials are sourced locally, within a radius of thirty kilometers from rm-mobilier. It's a great way to showcase know-how made in Hauts-de-France!

So Sablon is much more than just furniture. It embodies a philosophy of living, where comfort, style and sustainability come together in harmony. From the 100% metal version to the quilted Sunbrella Heritage recycled fabric version, Sablon offers a unique experience. 

And to top it all off, Sablon is at the heart of a prestigious event: the Concours qui a 19 ans, a biennial event now in its 9th year, presided over by the renowned Matali Crasset. The 5 finalists will be exhibited at Lille's Hospice Comtesse from March 16, providing an exceptional showcase for this exceptional furniture

They need your support !

The rm-mobilier x Maak & Transmettre team are in the running for the Vitrine du Public award. To support them, visit the competition website. Voting is open until midnight March 14, 2024!

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