Highlight : change your awning fabric without changing your awning?

The passage of time and the vagaries of weather may cause the fabric to become soiled or damaged. There is a quick cost-effective to refresh and rejuvenate this element of your exterior decoraction: re-covering.

Dickson promotes French design in the new Toyota advertisement

Dickson participates in Toyota’s new advertising campaign. On the occasion of the 20 years of the Yaris, produced at Valenciennes, this campaign promotes some of the singularities of France. Several French brands participated to the first-ever certified “Origine France Garantie” campaign.

Launch of your new Dickson-Constant website

We are pleased to present to you the new Dickson-Constant website. Flowing, design and intuitive, you will find all the information you need in several clicks.

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Dickson Wins Muuuz International Award (MIAW) for its acoustic fabric SWK6


Dickson Wins Muuuz International Award (MIAW) for its acoustic fabric SWK6

The jury 2019 of the Muuuz International Awards has chosen to retain in the category "acoustic fabrics", the product SWK6 created by Dickson.The Muuuz International Awards (MIAW) are organized by Muuuz magazine in partnership with D'A magazine.

How to create more pleasant workspaces


How to create more pleasant workspaces

Many employees spend a lot of time in office environments. As we fill our homes with digital and material comforts, we need to make sure the gap between our private and professional lives does not negatively impact on our performance at work. To ensure greater employee satisfaction and productivity, companies therefore need to provide comfortable work environments where people feel a sense of well-being.

How to reduce natural waffling


How to reduce natural waffling

Fortunately waffling does not alter the qualities of your awning.

It is also possible to reduce it to a minimum, as confirmed by European sun protection organizations. 

How does an outdoor awning save you energy?


How does an outdoor awning save you energy?

Dickson fabrics help you control heat and create a cool and constant ambient temperature. The awning is now a serious, environmentally friendly and responsible alternative to costly and energy-hungry air conditioning systems.

Since 2002, the European Parliament has identified the awning as one way to reduce energy costs.

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