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right price folding-arm awning right price folding-arm awning

What is the price of a folding-arm awning?

There is no one correct price for a folding-arm awning: there are dozens, even hundreds! The price depends on so many criteria that it is hard to take all of them into account. The national average price of a folding-arm awning is between €500 and €1800 before installation, and up to €5000 with installation. But what do these figures include? What determines the price of a folding-arm awning?

These figures on their own mean nothing if we do not examine what they include. Because the price for a folding-arm awning depends on:

  • The size of the awning
  • The type of awning: full-cassette, semi-cassette, monobloc
  • The materials used for the awning structure: articulated arms, bottom rail, roller tube
  • The type of fabric
  • Whether or not the awning is motorised
  • The general finishes

The price of an awning depends on its size

You may be tempted to believe that a small awning is cheaper than a big one… But that is only true if they have exactly the same characteristics except for size!

The price of the awning is much less important than the comfort it will provide by keeping you in the shade. The money you save will mean nothing if your terrace is only half-protected because your awning should be 50 cm or 1 m longer!

size folding-arm awning size folding-arm awning

LAURIE Landry © LAURIE Landry

The price of a folding-arm awning depends on its category

Full-cassette folding-arm awning

The full-cassette folding-arm awning is popular among users, and we can see why: the arms and the fabric are hidden away in the cassette for an attractive finish and it offers the best protection for the fabric and frame against bad weather and pollution, as it is all stowed away.

Semi-cassette folding-arm awning

When rolled up, the awning fabric can also be protected by a semi-cassette, which covers the sides and top. The rest is left open, so you can see the valance and articulated arms. This intermediate solution means that repairs can be made to the awning easily and the fabric is well protected. However, the valance will need to be changed more quickly, as it is exposed to the elements, and dirt and dust will have to be cleaned from the arms regularly.

Monobloc or hooded folding-arm awning

For this solution, a small hood measuring around twenty centimetres is attached to the façade, just above the fabric rolled up on the tube. It offers partial protection against the rain and wind. The fabric for your folding-arm awning will often get wet and accumulate dirt and dust, and as it is more exposed, it will not last as long. Nonetheless, installing and repairing this type of awning is easy and quick. It should be reserved for sunny regions with little rain or relatively mild weather all year round.

The price of a folding-arm awning depends on the opening system

Manual-opening folding-arm awning

Would you prefer an awning with a crank handle, which you will open and close manually? This affordable solution is worth considering. Remember, though, that this type can be tiresome in the case of large awnings, which are heavy and difficult to handle. In addition, this option is only doable in regions where the weather is relatively stable. If you live somewhere where there are intermittent showers between periods of sunshine, you might get tired quickly if you have to open and close your awning by hand constantly! It is also important to remember that the awning is usually handled from the outside, so you will have to go out onto the terrace to open or close it.

The mechanism on a manual awning is simple, but it must be lubricated regularly. Nonetheless, it will be easy to repair if needed.

Motorised-opening folding-arm awning

Motorised awnings (corded or with remote control) are easy to open and close effortlessly; the fabric simply rolls up seamlessly at the touch of a button.

Some folding-arm awnings can even be connected to a smart home system. With this high-tech solution, you can open and close your awning from a distance! This kind of system is usually equipped with various sensors to detect wind, sun and rain, so that the awning opens and closes according to your settings, the time of day and your needs.

Though expensive, this solution offers the best protection and energy savings, as the amount of sunlight that gets into your home will be optimised.

It is ideal for regions where the climate is very changeable and bad weather is common.

This type of awning, which is generally combined with a full cassette, requires intervention from a specialist if it breaks down, as the cassette needs to be dismantled for the motor to be reached. Related installation work needs to be considered, too: trenches in the wall for electrical cables, access to sockets, etc.

type of facade of your home type of facade of your home

The price of an awning depends on the type of facade of your home

The way the cassette is attached to the façade will depend on the wall material, which could be concrete, stone or even wood.

In addition, some extra work might need to be done to the façade before the awning is installed. All of these little details have an impact on the final price and must not be forgotten.

We recommend using a professional awning manufacturer, as they will have all the technical skills needed to make sure your folding-arm awning is installed properly.

LAURIE Landry © LAURIE Landry

The price of an awning depends on the quality of the awning fabric

Do you want your awning fabric to keep out UV rays, sunlight and heat? Does it need to be waterproof, with a water-repellent, anti-mould treatment? How heavy should it be? Are there standards it needs to meet? Our article ‘How to choose your folding-arm awning fabric' will make you an expert on awning fabrics!

As a reminder, here are the main materials used for awning fabric:

  • Cotton is cheap, but it tears easily and is not UV-resistant. On top of that, it absorbs water, which makes it heavier. Definitely a material to avoid for your awning!
  • Polyester is also affordable, but it is very sensitive to UV and bad weather, and its bold colours will fade quickly.
  • Acrylic fabric filters out 80% of UV rays, and sometimes even 100%, depending on any treatments and its colour. It is long-lasting, as it is resistant to UV and bad weather.
  • Micro-perforated fabric offers great UV protection and excellent strength. That is why it is the most expensive option..


By choosing a folding-arm awning from an approved Dickson awning manufacturer and fitter, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product with fabric that carries a warranty of up to 10 years: like the Dickson Orchestra range, for example!

quality of the awning fabric quality of the awning fabric
the quality of the folding-arm awning the quality of the folding-arm awning

The price of an awning depends on the quality of its frame

Simply ask in your local DIY stores or seek information online. There are awnings available at every price. Some are really affordable.

But look out for the quality of the frame! A lower-range awning will not last long and might even become dangerous if the frame is not resistant enough to weather. Make sure your awning comes with CE marking and seek information on the warranty offered by the manufacturer before committing to a purchase that may seem cheap but that you might regret in the long term.

Awnings sold by an approved Dickson awning manufacturer and fitter come with a warranty of up to 10 years. And remember: an awning warranty and an awning fabric warranty are different things. A high-quality, solution-dyed acrylic fabric, such as Dickson's Orchestra range, can last longer than 10 years if you look after it properly. Nonetheless, the fabric on the awning can be changed if the frame is of a good quality. The structure, arms and motor, meanwhile, can all be repaired.

Our advice for choosing your awning

Go to your nearest established awning manufacturer, ask them all the questions you have and explain your project in detail to them. The important thing is that they grasp your project goals, your lifestyle and your solar protection needs. Ask for quotes, talk about them and don't simply choose the cheapest or the most expensive option: choose the solution that provides the most comfort!

All in all, a high-quality folding-arm awning installed by a professional is certainly a significant expense within a family budget. But it is also a long-term investment into something you will use for years to come. Comfort is priceless!

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