Dickson Sunworker fabrics

Screen fabrics for vertical indoor and outdoor blinds

Sunworker Dickson® screens offer a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and stylish solution in line with current building standards. This micro-perforated fabric enables users to maintain a degree of visual contact between indoors and outdoors and to control brightness while allowing daylight into the room. With their surprising design possibilities, these fabrics are ideal for all architectural projects. 

Micro-perforated fabrics for all types of facades

Adapted to a range of formats, Dickson®screen fabrics meet all solar protection needs. Choose the openness factor of your screen to suit your needs, from brightness to opacity or the perfect combination of both.

Designer collections


Available in a wide range of colors, Sunworker Dickson® screens lend themselves to multiple creative combinations. Ideal for daring design choices, they open up multiple creative possibilities to architects.

Product performance

UV resistant

Tear resistant

UV rays protection

Heat protection

Easy maintenance

Made in France

Solution dyed acrylic

5 years warranty

Calculate your solar energy consumption using the Solar Estimate app

The Solar Estimate app calculates the solar energy input of glazing combined with Dickson® solar protection.

Examples of projects

Sciences Po Paris- France

Dickson Sunworker fabrics installed at a prestigious university in Paris

Restaurant- France

A Dickson pergola side-awning fabric in a French restaurant