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Outdoor conservatory awnings: for keeping the heat in during the winter and out in the summer

Equipping your conservatory with an outdoor awning is a no-brainer. As well as allowing you to regulate the temperature inside all year round (thanks to the fabric's insulating and filtering properties), it will protect you from UV rays. Thanks to the motorised system, you can open and close the awning easily according to the weather: strong winds, sun, high temperatures, etc.

Where to install your conservatory awningWhere to install your conservatory awning

Where to install your conservatory awning

Installing the awning outside of the conservatory, on top of the structure, is recommended for better thermal performance. Sometimes, though, an interior installation is recommended, if the awning would be too exposed to the wind or the architecture of the conservatory makes it unsuitable for an exterior installation. In this case, the awning will consist of an interior velum or canopy on a rail made with fabric compatible with the amount of sunlight you wish to pass through.

Which conservatory awning to choose

Your conservatory's structure, architecture, dimensions and degree of exposure will determine which type of awning is possible: exterior (folding-arm awning, zip blinds, velum, etc.) or interior (sliding on rails, made up of several units, etc.). Screens will absorb weather noise, allow enough light in and protect your conservatory (from hail, small falling objects).

We strongly recommend choosing an automated awning, as it will make life easier for you day to day by regulating the light and heat automatically, as well as keeping your conservatory safe (against the sun's rays, high temperatures, winds) in your absence thanks to its sensors.

Which conservatory awning to chooseWhich conservatory awning to choose
The components of a conservatory awningThe components of a conservatory awning

The components of a conservatory awning

1. Cassette

2. Roller tube

3. Motor

4. Fabric

5. Runners

6. Bottom rail

Tips for your conservatory awning

For your conservatory awning, we recommend:

  • SWK6, a screen fabric that blocks out up to 92% of heat while ensuring natural ventilation, thanks to its micro-perforation.

  • SWK15, a screen fabric that lets air through while blocking out up to 83% of heat, available in a range of colours that suit all outdoor environments.

  • SWK TOP, a 100% waterproof fabric that preserves natural light.
Tips for your conservatory awningTips for your conservatory awning