Dickson openwork fabrics

Stylish and timeless micro-perforated fabrics

The design of Dickson® micro-perforated fabrics makes it possible to accentuate an architectural project while providing a pleasant light scattering. The fabrics are very thin, which makes it possible to use discreet formwork preserving the aesthetics of the building. Our light, regular grain textiles are available in a range of coordinated colours for a perfect balance of facades.

  Unique facades

Unique facades

In addition to its technical performance, the Dickson® micro-perforated fabric offers a unique aesthetic for your facades. Thanks to a wide variety of colours created by our Design studio, you can create buildings just for you, while protecting yourself from the sun.

Practical advice

You can mix colours to create a stylish and original facade. Also consider mixing ranges (SWK6 - SWK Open - SWK Opaque) depending on your needs.

Do you want to install a Dickson® screen on the ground floor without losing the light? Chose the Sunworker Open fabric: thanks to its 15% openness factor it will bring enough light into your room while protecting you from the sun.

If you are looking for a total blackout solution, you will prefer the Sunworker Opaque fabric. With its 0% openness factor, you will be fully protected from the light.