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Create your indoor vertical blind with designer screen fabrics

Thanks to their extremely regular micro-perforation, Dickson screen fabrics preserve the aesthetic qualities of the building while acting as a natural cooling system. They control how much sun gets in while remaining lightweight and sleek and make a discreet addition to the project's other architectural elements.

Unique facades

The range of colours was selected according to current architectural trends and with the different materials used in mind. Any combination is allowed in order to create a harmonious finish across all façades that suits the overall architectural project: Material Mix (polychrome finish that combines materials and textures), Mono Material (minimalism that plays with the power of colour), Regional Personality (connection to local heritage)…

Unique facadesUnique facades


You can mix colours to create a stylish and original façade. You might even want to mix ranges, depending on your needs.

Thanks to SWK6 INK, you can create your own design! Its special finish for printing offers a high-quality finish for your project. As a canvas for your visual communication or just as decoration, SWK6 INK will express your personality while ensuring good visibility to the outside.