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The technical performance of the blackout fabric and the durability of the micro-perforated screen fabric

Micro-perforated fabrics provide thermal, visual and acoustic comfort. They have an openness factor of between 0 and 15%, adapting perfectly to your needs in terms of light, heat and UV protection. These fabrics also have a high tear resistance for optimum use.

Thermal comfort Thermal comfort

Thermal comfort

With a very even grain, these fabrics guarantee a complete thermal filter by blocking up to 100% of the heat.

Visual comfort

These fabrics control glare, preserve visual contact with the outside and ensure user privacy: they contribute to peace of mind thanks to optimum visual comfort.

Visual comfort Visual comfort
Acoustic comfort Acoustic comfort

Acoustic comfort

Used alone or with absorbent, micro-perforated fabrics can achieve up to 94% sound absorption.

UV protection

Buildings with large glazed surfaces or streamlined interiors in which originality is a central factor both require a combination of style and technical performance for effective and lasting solar protection. Screen fabrics thus provide full protection from UV rays. 

Protection UV Protection UV
Durability Durability


The performance of these laboratory tested fabrics guarantee resistance properties you’ll be satisfied with for many years.

Practical advice

For optimal thermal protection, use outdoor rather than indoor screens. This controls heat input and limits the need for air-conditioning.

Practical advice Practical advice