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Up to 100% acoustic absorption with the SWK6 membrane

Up to 100% sound absorption: enjoy unprecedented acoustic comfort thanks to the SWK6 fabric. Durable, aesthetic, indestructible and environmentally friendly, choose the SWK6 fabric and appreciate its remarkable technical qualities.

acoustic confortacoustic confort

Acoustic confort

An acoustic membrane which can be used with or without absorbent to achieve exceptional performances.
Noise absorber, reverberation reducer, the SWK6 enhances acoustics and improves sound comfort in any environment.

Durable and fire rated

Being maintenance-free, insensitive to humidity and temperature fluctuations, the SWK6 offers a high colour resistance to UV rays and an unequalled durability on its market.

Internationally fire rated Bs2d0 | M1 | B1 | C1 | Clase 1, the SWK6 is fully compliant with the most demanding and up-to-date architectural norms.

Durable and fire ratedDurable and fire rated
design and customizationdesign and customization

Design and customization

Perfectly regular, available in 20 colours, the SWK6 offers both 150 and 300 cm widths, allowing specifiers to design wide monolithic acoustic fabric surfaces.

For a unique and original aesthetic, the SWK6 is entirely printable with the designs and tones of your choice.

Tear and impact Resistant

Thanks to its Rachel Trameur technology, the SWK6 is fully resistant to  rips, shocks, and the ideal solution for any high traffic commercial, public and private places.

The SWK6 can be installed with any type of perforation and penetration (sprinklers, lighting fixtures, suspensions) with zero risk of deformation or deterioration.

Tear and impact ResistantTear and impact Resistant
Flexibility and creativityFlexibility and creativity

Flexibility and creativity

Designed for indoor and outdoor applications, the SWK6 can be used for acoustic and aesthetic purposes, and is suitable with stitching and welding confection methods.

From a simple flat application, to a curved or a 3D one, the SWK6 adapts to any sizes, shapes and project intents.

Environment and health

Lightweight, recyclable, the SWK6 ensures a low impact on our planet.

GREENGUARD and VOC A+ certified, the SWK6 is a fundamental credit source to any BREEAM, LEED, DGNB and HQE projects.

Environment and healthEnvironment and health
acoustic absorptionacoustic absorption

Up to 100% acoustic absorption

Main applications: stretch ceilings and walls, acoustic panels, acoustic coverings

Configuration: 50 mm plenum, 45 mm acoustic absorbent, single layer of SWK6

Acoustic AbsorptionAcoustic Absorption

Acoustic Absorption

Water Repellent & Stain ResistantWater Repellent & Stain Resistant

Water Repellent & Stain Resistant

Easy CareEasy Care

Easy Care 

Mold ResistantMold Resistant

Mold Resistant

Fire RetardantFire Retardant

Fire Retardant

Protects from the UV and HeatProtects from the UV and Heat

Protects from the UV and Heat

Tear ResistantTear Resistant

Tear Resistant

Fade ResistantFade Resistant

Fade Resistant