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Side awnings are long-lasting and ideal for windy areas

Side awnings offer protection from the sun and wind. Equipped with an opening and closing system, the side edges of the fabric slide along a rail.

Fitting your side awningFitting your side awning

Fitting your side awning

Side awnings are ideal for pergolas

Recommended fabrics for your side awning:

  • SWK6: With an openness factor of 6%, this fabric is an excellent compromise for unprecedented visual and thermal comfort.
  • SWK15: with an openness factor of 15%, it shares the same properties as Sunworker fabric but with a larger openness factor to let in more light.
  • Sunworker Opaque: this fabric has an openness factor of 0% and is ideal for creating black-out conditions.
Recommended fabrics for your side awning:Recommended fabrics for your side awning: