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Micro-perforated fabrics with multiple applications



As a vertical awning, thanks to its 6% openness, SWK6 regulates light and heat and optimises energy use in a sustainable development dynamic.

  • This fabric guarantees an optimum balance between thermal and visual comfort

As an acoustic solution (wall coverings, stretch ceilings, panels), with or without absorbent, SWK6 achieves optimum performance in most installation conditions.

  • This fabric responds effectively to every sound correction need.

Sunworker INK

SWK6 INK is a highly resistant micro-perforated technical fabric with a special printing surface varnish for optimal results.

SKW6 INK is an ideal substrate for all indoor and outdoor visual communication, decoration, and signage purposes.

Sunworker INKSunworker INK
Sunworker OpaqueSunworker Opaque

Sunworker Opaque

Sunworker Opaque combines a textile side with a blackout side and blocks 100% of both UV rays and the sun’s rays.

This fabric is therefore ideal for creating black-out conditions.

Sunworker OPEN

With a 15% openness factor, the Sunworker Open solar protection fabric is the perfect compromise between visibility and optimum brightness. It has the SWK6 characteristics with a higher openness factor, therefore allowing more light to pass through. It combines transparency, resistance and finesse with visual and thermal comfort.

Sunworker OpenSunworker Open

Select the range suited to your needs

Select the range suited to your needsSelect the range suited to your needs