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The waterproof, translucent technical fabric for pergolas and shade sails


A waterproof fabric offering optimum light diffusion

Thanks to an even micro-perforation and a protective varnish on both sides that is translucent and waterproof, SWK TOP offers effective protection under your pergola or shade sail, while letting through a soft and consistent light. This fabric provides just the right amount of transparency to preserve natural light and provide greater comfort in your living spaces.

Maximum resistance and high UV resistance

SWK TOP has been designed to block up to 90% of heat and 100% of UV rays, providing effective protection from the sun's rays.

Its Rachel Trameur support also gives it exceptional tear resistance, while remaining the lightest and thinnest product in its category. Its special coating process impregnates the threads deeply, providing optimum UV and severe weather protection. Finally, its waterproof topcoat makes it a durable fabric that stands the test of time even in a demanding outdoor environment.

Easy maintenance for multi-purpose use

SWK TOP is evenly coated, retains an identical appearance on both sides and can be exposed on either side with the same effectiveness. This finish also makes it extremely easy to care for.

Available in widths of 300 cm and a range of 6 colours, SWK TOP is ideal for large pergola, velum and shade sail applications.


  • Composition: 42% high-tenacity polyester/42 % PVC/16% PU
  • Weave: Rachel Trameur – superior tear resistance
  • Finish: Double-sided PVC coating - Lowick system
  • Thickness: 0.42 mm


  • Weight: 360 g/m²
  • Roll length: 25 m
  • Width: 300 cm
  • Schmerber : > 10 000 mm
  • Warranty: 5 ans



SWK TOP has been awarded Greenguard Gold certification for its contribution to improving indoor air quality. Obtaining this certification helps get points for the classification of sustainable building projects.

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SWK TOP is a waterproof and translucent technical fabric for large outdoor applications.

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