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Shade sails: elegant, sleek solar protection

The shade sail is the elegant, sleek, discreet solar protection solution for decorating and protecting your outdoor space. It is as light as a boat sail and will shield you from harmful UV rays and heat while enhancing your home's style.

Where to install your shade sail Where to install your shade sail

Where to install your shade sail

The advantage of the shade sail is that it can adapt to narrower, more compact spaces without needing a wall to be fixed to, unlike the traditional folding-arm awning. As long as its fabric and fittings are of a high quality, it is also suitable for larger spaces. Whatever the characteristics of the space you want to cover, the shade sail will adapt to all décor and architecture styles and can be used in private or professional contexts (hotels, nurseries, schools, etc.).

Which shade sail to choose

The shape (rectangle, triangle, square, etc.) and fixtures (mounting plates, poles, shrouds) you need for your shade sail will depend on the configuration and purpose of the space to be covered. The bigger the shade sail, the more it will need to be strengthened and fixed to technical materials. Your choice of material will also be decisive and will depend on how exposed your shade sail is to exterior elements (salt, wind, etc.). As for colours, thanks to the wide range of options on offer, the new addition to your outdoor space will blend in perfectly with your décor style.

Which shade sail to choose Which shade sail to choose

Tips for your shade sail

Tips for your shade sail Tips for your shade sail

For your shade sail, we recommend:

  • SWK6, a screen fabric that acts as a protective filter, keeping out 92% of the heat.
  • SWK15, a screen fabric that plays with natural light and transparency while blocking out up to 83% of heat.
  • SWK TOP, a 100% waterproof fabric that preserves natural light.