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Stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings reduce noise and enhance your interior decor

An acoustic stretch ceiling is made up of a micro-perforated fabric and an insulating layer that absorbs sound vibrations. With only 35% of the ceiling surface covered, the acoustic reverberation is reduced by 50%. In public buildings or large living areas, the ceiling is often the largest surface; soundproofing this area prevents echoes in the rooms and improves the occupants' comfort. They provide a perfect finish and are suitable for both old and modern houses, in new builds and in the renovation of old buildings.

Where to install your stretch ceilingWhere to install your stretch ceiling

Where can I install my stretch ceiling?

Stretch ceilings are very easy to install and are suitable for collective spaces such as offices, meeting/conference rooms, bars, restaurants, museums, media libraries and hotel lobbies, as well as for private spaces to soundproof a bedroom, a corridor, a home cinema or a room with high ceilings (in which noises echo). A stretch ceiling can be installed either cold or hot. SWK6 is suitable for cold installation methods due to its PVC coated polyester/polyester composition.

Advice for your stretch ceiling


  • A micro-perforated acoustic fabric with regular grain that absorbs every frequency and responds to every sound correction need effectively
  • Thanks to its Rachel Trameur construction, SWK6 does not suffer from tearing and can accommodate the installation of technical elements (sprinklers, lighting, etc.) without risk of deformation.
  • Two widths of 150 and 300 cm ensure a uniform layout
  • Unaffected by humidity and temperature variations, UV-resistant
  • 20 colours available, entirely printable, SWK6 allows all customisations
  • M1 fire rating and VOC A+ certification (absence of volatile organic compounds in indoor air)
  • No specific maintenance (washable with water and standard household products)
Advice for your stretch ceilingAdvice for your stretch ceiling