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restaurant sector specifiersrestaurant sector specifiers

Cafés and Restaurants


Beautify your business while offering your customer's enhanced comfort for the best possible eating experience.

Decorate the interior and exterior of your café or restaurant with innovative technical textile solutions by Dickson® and Sunbrella®. Our team of experts will help you to find the right textiles for your project.

solar protection solutionssolar protection solutions

Our outdoor solar protection solutions

In cafés and restaurants, terraces, verandas, and pergolas offer extra dining space that will boost income.

These spaces are a great way of standing out from the crowd and are appreciated by diners all year round, thanks to the relaxing, friendly atmosphere they create.

Awnings, parasols, canopies, and shade sails will protect your customers in all seasons. Discover our ORCHESTRA, MAX, INFINITY, and SPARK fabrics, designed for professional use. These innovative, long-lasting fabrics offer effective protection against the heat, thanks to Dickson's unique expertise. Our water-repellent, anti-UV fabrics are resistant to bad weather and will keep their bold colours as the years go by.

Indoor and outdoor blinds

Inside the establishment, limit the heat, adjust the light, and create an intimate feel with interior and exterior screen blinds.

The SPARK, SWK6, and SWK6 INK fabrics will enhance the façade and reception spaces of your café or restaurant, adding a decorative touch that reflects the business's personality while creating a cosy atmosphere. A high-performance fabric that, in brand colours, is sure to generate the perfect ambiance.

Take a look at the SPARK and SUNWORKER ranges. They are perfect for professional use and comply with current regulations for public-access buildings.

indoor outdoor screen fabricindoor outdoor screen fabric

sound insulation fabric restaurantsound insulation fabric restaurant

Acoustic panel solutions

The atmosphere is something that must be carefully cultivated in social spaces like cafés and restaurants.

With the SWK6 and SWK6 INK fabrics, you will be improving both the acoustic comfort and the décor of the establishment. By absorbing sound waves, echo, and reverb, micro-perforated fabrics for ceilings, walls, or panels create a pleasant, muted ambiance.

The tear-proof, shock-resistant, long-lasting SWK6 fabric has a fire rating and can adapt to any indoor or outdoor decoration project. Wherever it is used, the SWK6 INK fabric offers a bold, personalised design for any marketing purposes (décor, signage, etc.).

Woven flooring

Dickson® woven vinyl flooring is easily modulable, so that you can create your own customised décor. Let your imagination run wild and mix and match shapes and designs to create different rhythms, perspectives, and reflections on your floors.

Cafés and restaurants are demanding environments with heavy traffic that require flawless hygiene. Dickson® woven flooring has been developed to fulfil these needs. They are stain-resistant and easy to maintain thanks to our integrated protective varnish. They are long-lasting, comfortable, and certified class 33.

woven flooringwoven flooring

outdoor indoor upholstery fabricoutdoor indoor upholstery fabric

Interior and exterior upholstery fabrics

Create visual harmony and customise your décor by selecting the colours for your indoor and outdoor furniture.

Whether used for cushions, chairs, sofas, sun loungers, curtains, parasols, blinds, or shade sails, our fabrics will fit in with the business both indoors and outdoors.

Sunbrella® upholstery fabrics make life easier day to day, thanks to their peerless quality. As well as offering anti-UV sun protection, our upholstery fabrics are breathable and resistant to water and stains. On top of that, they can be cleaned with bleach and will not fade in the sun. Give your café or restaurant a makeover with Sunbrella® upholstery fabrics.

Let you inspire

Find all the information you need from Dickson® to decorate and improve a home or professional premises, including design trends, past projects, and inspiring visuals.

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Discover our simulation tools

dickson flooring project simulatordickson flooring project simulator

Simulate your flooring project in 3D quickly and easily with our tool, Dickson Flooring Project. Integrate your chosen Dickson woven textile flooring layout and colours into the environment of your choice. Let your creativity run wild as you play with the lighting, textures, and reflections for a realistic, inspiring finish.

dickson solar estimatedickson solar estimate

Solar Estimate can calculate the solar factor (g-value) of your windows combined with Dickson or Sunbrella solar protection. Find out what benefit your solar protection offers in each season.