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SWK ZIP Storm M729

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5 years warranty

SWK ZIP embodies the new generation of microperforated screen fabric designed specifically for large ZIP systems. Featuring excellent dimensional stability thanks to innovative Rachel Trameur weave, this fabric is perfectly suited to vertical awnings for bays and pergolas, ensuring impeccable flatness. With its 4% opening ratio, it blocks up to 96% of heat and UV rays, and reduces interior temperatures by up to 7°C.

Composition: Polyester haute ténacité / PVC 50/50
Weave: Rachel Trameur - résistance supérieure à la déchirure
Finish: Enduction PVC double face - système Lowick
Thickness: 0.50 mm
Weight: 400 g/m²
Openess factor: 4
Solar factor: 0.11
Energy transmission: 0.06
Energy reflection: 0.19
Energy absorption: 0.75
RAL: 7031
This product's values may vary with a tolerance of ± 5%
Sun protection image
Sun protection
Tear strength image
Tear strength
Mold and mildew resistant image
Mold and mildew resistant
Easy care image
Easy care
UV fade resistant image
UV fade resistant
Stain resistant image
Stain resistant

Outdoor solar factor significant image
Outdoor solar factor significant
Glare control limited image
Glare control limited
Daylight limited image
Daylight limited
View towards the outside moderate image
View towards the outside moderate
Privacy at night moderate image
Privacy at night moderate
UV class 95 % image
UV class 95 %

Discover all the applications we recommend for this fabric.
Pergola image
Window and veranda awning image
Window and veranda awning
Zip Screen image
Zip Screen

Dickson Constant warrants the rot-proof properties and colour fastness (4/5 minimum colour fastness under exposure to ultra-violet rays and bad weather conditions, according to the NF EN ISO 105 B04 standard – variations in shade over time are therefore limited) of its ORCHESTRA*, INFINITY, ORCHESTRA MAX, OPERA** & REPLAY fabrics for 10 years, of its SUNVISION fabrics for 5 years and of its EXPANSION fabrics for 3 years (starting from the date on which the awning is purchased).
Fire retardant image
Fire retardant
Greenguard image
Made in France image
Made in France
Reach compliance image
Reach compliance
Rachel Trameur image
Rachel Trameur
5 years warranty image
5 years warranty

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Without solar protection, your glazing alone blocks % of solar energy.

Your glazing and an interior solar protection system block % of solar heat.

Your glazing and an exterior solar protection system block % of solar heat.

When fitted with this system, your thermal comfort is in Class
Note: The calculation assumes the fabric is placed parallel to glazing or at a maximum angle of 30° with glazing. This calculation remains a good estimate for a folding-arm awning.