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Texaktiv Guard 6x1L FR/NL/DE/SE


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Use Tex'Aktiv Clean to thoroughly clean your canvas and restore it to its original colour. Use Tex'Aktiv Guard to restore the water-repellent properties of your Dickson awning fabric, for effective stain protection and optimal beading effect

Weight: 6600 g
Roll length: 0
Language: French - Dutch - German - Swedish
Packaging: Box of 6 bottles of 1 liter
Dimensions: l: 5cm x l: 16cm x h: 28cm
This product's values may vary with a tolerance of ± 5%

The ORCHESTRA*, ORCHESTRA MAX, OPERA**, INFINITY, SUNVISION, EXPANSION & REPLAY canvases from DICKSON CONSTANT are treated with a special finish which delays the forming and accumulation of dirt. In order not to spoil this treatment, cleaning of the fabric must be done respecting the recommendations of our care guide.

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