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Dickson Designer

Simulate your outdoor awnings with Dickson Designer. Photograph your home, select an awning, test Dickson awning fabrics and share the simulation.

Simulate your awningSimulate your awning

Get inspired

Are you craving shade and freshness but unsure how sun protection will fit into your outdoor space?

With Dickson Designer, you choose atmospheres that inspire you or suit your surroundings. We advise you on the color of the canvas based on your exposure, facade type, interior decoration, and most importantly, your comfort needs (thermal-visual).

Visualize your project

Then all that's left is to let yourself be guided so your project comes to life. One last comparison of fabrics, a closer look at the design... The fabric is almost at your doorstep, and it would take little for you to feel the urge to change your decor! And if you're still hesitating, order a sample and trust our authorized Dickson distributors to assist you!


An avant-garde experienceAn avant-garde experience

Customise your folding-arm awning in three clicks

Step 1: Choose an inspiring setting (architecture and interior design).

Step 2: Configure your awning by displaying your awning colours and resulting life comfort.

Step 3: Put the finishing touches to your design: download the report, order a sample or contact an awning specialist near you.

And put the button to access Dickson Designer (centred)

Dickson Designer Pro



Install Dickson Designer in just a few clicks on your website. Fast and intuitive, this application will allow you to offer a high value-added service to your customers who will be able to simulate their awning on their facade. You'll receive the customer's request for a quote and contact information directly in your mailbox.