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Dickson Designer

Simulate your outdoor awnings with Dickson Designer. Photograph your home, select an awning, test Dickson awning fabrics and share the simulation.

Simulate your awningSimulate your awning

Simulate your awning

Want a cooler, shadier terrace or balcony? Planning to redesign your home exterior?

Simulate your outdoor home awning in minutes with Dickson Designer. Take a picture of your home, choose your sun protection and test DICKSON® and SUNBRELLA® awning fabrics to find the right style for you.

Using augmented reality, see how the awning looks on your house or apartment and try out different fabrics to find the best look.

An avant-garde experience

Known for its innovative textiles, Dickson® has applied its creative approach to the digital world with the first multimedia 3D simulator for awning designs that gives an ultra-realistic view of the fabric integrated into its environment in just five minutes.

This interface helps you find the perfect awning fabric. If you like the simulation, the app puts you in direct contact with your nearest awning supplier for a rapid quote. 

An avant-garde experienceAn avant-garde experience

How does it work?

How does it work?How does it work?

Dickson Designer Pro



Install Dickson Designer in just a few clicks on your website. Fast and intuitive, this application will allow you to offer a high value-added service to your customers who will be able to simulate their awning on their facade. You'll receive the customer's request for a quote and contact information directly in your mailbox.