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Dickson Flooring project, configure your floors with woven vinyl

A 3D floor configurator, it simulates Dickson flooring in a space of your choice. From selecting the layout to the color and range, everything is geared to help create a floor that works for you.

Save time and make life easier Save time and make life easier

Save time and make life easier

The Dickson floor configurator is aimed at architects and designers who want to simulate a project before they start. With its wide choice of layouts and range of colors, Dickson Flooring Project allows you to configure a project for a range of spaces including hotels, restaurants, offices and stores. The result is then sent by email with the visual of the simulation, information on selected products, and chosen layouts.

How does it work?

Users of Dickson Flooring Project can draw inspiration from an image or start from a neutral base to give free rein to their imagination. Thanks to the wide choice of possible combinations, each project is as unique as its designer. 

A video will guide you through each stage of using Dickson Flooring Project. Now you can use all the features for outstanding results !