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Create your fabric catalog at the click of a button

Create online catalogs of Dickson® & Sunbrella® products for your website. Fast and easy to install, the catalog adapts to your website design for impeccable results!

Save time and make life easier Save time and make life easier

Save time and simplify your life

Do you sell Dickson® and/or Sunbrella® products or use our fabrics and wish to display them on your website?

Use the Dickson® Catalog Widget to display Dickson® or Sunbrella® fabrics - it’s quick and easy.

Set up your catalog in 4 steps and add it to your site:

Sélection des options Sélection des options

1 - Select your options 

2 - Edit the design

3 - Copy/paste the code

4 - Display the catalog

How does it work?

1. Select and create your catalog of Dickson® and Sunbrella® products using our configurator

2. Customize your catalog (colors, layout, etc.)

3. Copy the HTML code into your site

The code copied into your site automatically retrieves the data required to display the fabric from our servers: you don’t need to spend hours adding our products to your site!

Updating the widget: When a product is removed, your catalog is automatically updated.

To add new colors and lines,you need to update the widget.

Simply select the desired products and enter the same email address as during the initial set-up. You do not need to edit the HTML code.

The catalog will then update with new colors and information!

Watch the video tutorial for a step-by-step illustrated guide to installing the code and updating the widget.


  • 10 Languages (French, English, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, German, Polish, Russian and Turkish)
  • Customization of displayed lines and fabrics (customizable selection from our catalogs)
  • Customized layout (size, colors, etc.)
  • Search engine and filters available

You can activate a product sheet for each fabric and select the information to display:

  • Recommended applications
  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Documents (data sheet and brochures)
  • Labels
  • Warrantees
  • Sample ordering
    Click here to see a sample product catalog

Any questions? Contact us using the contact form.