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Dickson® and Sunbrella® resellers and partners: there is bound to be a professional near you!

We list the best professionals in your industry, to advise and support you in your project. Their experience and know-how will be a guarantee of security at all stages of your project and will ensure a quality response and installation.

Discover the know-how of our different networks depending on the product you are looking for

Professional expertise

Optimal and customized advice


Discover the complete collection in Dickson® dealer showrooms.

Able to advise customers on their choice of colours and patterns, awning makers today are much more than simple specialists - they’re also happy to discuss your decoration ideas and the latest trends.

An unparalleled choice


Our partner awning makers offer the widest choice of Dickson® fabrics. From plain to classic, neo-classic and fantasy stripes, and patterns, you’re sure to find the fabric to suit your needs among more than 400 individual products, each developed by the Dickson® style team in close collaboration with designers and colourists who know all the latest trends!


Free customized quote


Dickson® dealers will ask you about your awning plans and come up with the solution best suited to your needs. They will then provide you with advice on quality, price and decoration, tailored to your requirements, and supply a free personalised quote at the earliest opportunity.

Efficient after-sales service


Dickson® dealers are also committed to meeting your after-sales needs, even for the slightest problem.


Do you want to buy Dickson® woven vinyl flooring ?

Sol tissé et tapis Dickosn Sol tissé et tapis Dickosn

Have you found the flooring that best suits you or do you want to discover our products? Find your nearest reseller.

Do you want to furnish your space with products made from our Sunbrella upholstery fabrics ?

tissu ameublement tissu ameublement

Do you have interior or exterior furnishing projects and want fabrics with unrivalled performance and design? Find your nearest reseller and create unique products.

Sunbrella Marine Partners: a network of marine upholstery experts, partners with know-how

Sunbrella Marine Partner Sunbrella Marine Partner

We believe that high technicality, creativity and design are nothing without human know-how. In order to provide you with a range of boat fabrics which are as beautiful as they are intelligent, every day we work hand in hand with artisans, upholsterers, professional sail makers: the Sunbrella Marine Partners. They make Sunbrella Marine a recognised brand all over the world, favoured by the biggest names in sailing and design.

The Sunbrella Marine Partner label guarantees quality products and services which have never been seen before.

  • Assessment and free quote
  • Optimum and personalised advice
  • Efficient customer service
  • Complete expertise
  • Made in France, QSE certified products
  • Sunbrella fabrics guaranteed for up to 10 years

Sunbrella Marine Partners are committed to the best service :