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Dickson® : French know-how combining performance and design.

Dickson®’s fabrics are made in France. Drawing on centuries of expertise, they continuously reinvent weaving - one of the world’s oldest crafts.

Awning fabricsAwning fabrics

Awning fabrics

Dickson® awnings are tailored to your lifestyle. They open your home to the outdoors and turn your terrace into a living space, allowing you to enjoy even more special outdoor moments at any time of day.

Dickson® awnings enhance your terrace design, add elegance to your facade and underline your choice of outdoor decoration.

Screen fabrics

Dickson® screen fabrics provide optimal protection from the sun while adding an elegant touch to your facade. They provide a barrier against heat and UV rays. Benefiting from highly effective treatments, they provide unbeatable resistance and convenience.

Screen fabricsScreen fabrics
Pergola fabricsPergola fabrics

Pergola fabrics

Garden pergolas provide a sophisticated and convenient solution to protect you from the elements whatever the season. Effective against both the sun and inclement weather, they extend your home and open it to the outdoors. Composed of four innovative and trendy ranges, which  opens up new horizons for outdoor living.

Woven flooring

Dickson® has developed a collection of woven flooring that uses revolutionary fibers to create a range of looks and color shades. Woven vinyl is suitable for all kinds of rooms. Highly resistant, comfortable and easy to clean, it looks like textile fabric but has none of its disadvantages.

Woven flooringWoven flooring
Woven rugsWoven rugs

Woven rugs

Bohemian, pop or chic, Dickson®  rugs are woven with colored braids. Available in surprising and original shapes, they blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors.

Upholstery fabrics

Building on its experience, Sunbrella® designs upholstery fabrics conducive to reflection in any season. Available in a wide range of designs inspired by the latest trends, the range of possibilities opened by this material encourages free movement between indoors and outdoors.

Tissus d'ameublementTissus d'ameublement
Tissus pour rideaux et voilagesTissus pour rideaux et voilages

Window fabrics

With a width of 300 cm, our Window Fabrics collection is perfect for all indoor or outdoor curtains, whether sheer or opaque. Its wide range of textures and colours will allow you to create an atmosphere in every room of your home that suits you.

Marine fabrics

Sunbrella® is an incubator of ideas for boat fabrics. Sunbrella's marine collection is composed of top-quality products that offer unrivalled performance and aesthetic properties.

Toiles de protection marineToiles de protection marine
Tissus pour assises et coussinsTissus pour assises et coussins

Decorative fabrics

Whether outside or inside the boat, our range of fabrics allows you to add a decorative and comfortable touch while maintaining the intrinsic qualities of the fabrics. Totally resistant to conditions at sea, the fabrics do not discolour and are easy to clean, even with difficult stains, such as mould and salt residues.

Playing with nuances and textures, the range allows you to create subtle combinations to customise your entire boat.