Delays in the supply of raw materials increase our delivery times significantly.
Find out the latest information by clicking here.

Delays in the supply of raw materials increase our delivery times significantly.
Find out the latest information by clicking here.

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Multiple skills to create innovative solutions to benefit of our customers

Dickson® offers innovative fabric solutions based on its in-depth know-how and technical skills industrial, R&D, design and marketing. Our teams work hard to supply customers with unique products to meet the needs of our customers.



The people who weave Dickson®’s fabrics today are heirs to an internationally-renowned expertise. They continuously hone millennia-old weaving techniques to produce the finest technical fabrics. Our loom-woven fabrics are a work of astounding detail. A feat of staying power, they are produced by machines that reproduce a million intersecting movements and precision weave kilometers of yarn.



Designed with home improvements in mind, the products developed by Dickson® aim to have the smallest possible impact on the environment. They are included in "new generation" real estate, HQE and LEB programs. To reduce their carbon footprint, Dickson® ensures its products are effective and long-lasting. Most do not require post-manufacturing dyeing - a source of pollution and water consumption.



A benchmark in the field of technical fabrics, Dickson® is a designer and manufacturer, and has mastered the entire production chain for a range of upholstery and industrial fabrics. The quality approach is integral to our corporate philosophy. Each square meter of fabric undergoes a battery of on-site tests. Thanks to its demanding quality standards, Dickson® guarantees its products for up to 10 years.





All Dickson® products are the fruit of a research and development process. Our aim is to continuously push the boundaries and go beyond what we have already achieved. Our teams use state-of-the-art tools to offer you high-quality fabrics that meet the most demanding customer needs.



All our collections are now designed by our in-house design department. Our team of designers travels the world in search of the latest decoration trends on which to base their future collections. Design is central to Dickson®'s strategy and our expertise in this field adds value for customers.



Aware of sustainable development challenges, Dickson®'s research focuses on the development of new high-performance materials for uses other than awnings. Dickson®’s engineers work all year round in partnership with top international laboratories to develop ever more efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable fabrics.