A library entrance laid with Dickson flooring

Dickson® flooring is designed for the most demanding environments!

Woven from revolutionary fibers, Dickson® flooring combines the wear and resistance properties of vinyl flooring with the appearance and texture unique to textile flooring. A truly innovative product developed for the most demanding environments - hotels, offices, stores and restaurants - Dickson® flooring is durable, comfortable, stylish and easy to lay.


Hôtels & Restaurants



A stylish collection

Dickson® flooring allows for infinite laying combinations. With six ranges and a selection of unique colors to choose from, turn your flooring into a design statement. Express your creativity.

Product performance



Class 33 - Heavy commercial traffic



Made in France

15 years warranty

Non slip surface



Quality thermal insulation

Shape Lab

Since each room raises new challenges, Shape Lab gives you unprecedented freedom to try out flooring and make changes to it. Unleash your imagination!

Examples of projects

Red Dot Museum - Singapour

The Red Dot Museum uses Dickson flooring

Hard Rock store - Hungary

Dickson woven flooring in a store in Hungary