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Woven flooring by Dickson, an art form

The Dickson Woven Flooring collection combines Dickson’s expertise with the contemporary vision of our designers. The fresh perspective and distinctive identity cultivated by the Dickson Design Studio are artfully expressed in the collection’s eight ranges.

A strong and distinctive identity A strong and distinctive identity

A strong and distinctive identity

The rich textures inspired by nature and elegantly subtle and sophisticated colors reveal the esthetic qualities of our raw material for resolutely designer flooring. Its refined and timelessly neutral color palette comes in a range of deep, delicate hues. Bold colors add character and personality, while a selection of graphic effects, from classic to daring, create distinctive looks.

Its woven vinyl structure adds character to flooring surfaces and naturally plays with the light. Depending on the shape, color and laying plan, your flooring will reveal a variety of deep and subtle shades depending on the lighting and angle from which it is seen.

Practical Advice

Our team of designers can support you in the development of your exclusive project by guiding you through item and layout choices depending on your interior development projects.

Don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative for more information about this.

Customised creations and projects

  • Layout proposals with pattern and colour simulation thanks to our 3D configurator
  • Advice on choosing items from our 6 ranges to create harmony in accordance with the desired atmosphere for your project (offices, hotels, shops, restaurants etc.)
Practical Advice Practical Advice