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Dickson® Flooring: technical and efficient noise-reducing flooring 

Hard-wearing designs for intensive useHard-wearing designs for intensive use

Hard-wearing designs for intensive use

Our standardized tests reproduce everyday wear and tear to satisfy your need for hard-wearing products.

European standards are based on a classification system for wear in a given area and its intensity of use.

All our collections have been approved for 33-Heavy commercial traffic.This is the highest classification for textile flooring.

An optimal protection

The CleanGard technology developed by our R&D team adds a varnished overlay to the woven surface, delaying its soiling while enhancing its stain resistance and ease of maintenance.

The layer of varnish is integrated directly into the finished product, providing additional protection and ensuring that the material looks the same. CleanGard technology is odourless and contributes to a healthy interior.

An optimal protectionAn optimal protection

Clean-cut guarantee

FrayGuard technology developed by Dickson® minimizes fraying during cutting and maximizes weave resistance.

It guarantees sharp, clean cuts for fast, effective and impeccable results.

Exceptional acoustic insulation capabilities

A leading-edge innovation, SoundGuard technology has been specially designed to improve comfort and noise absorption.

Dickson® has developed a high-performance acoustic backing that effectively absorbs ambient noise and significantly reduces impact noise transmission.

Acoustic comfort is essential to people’s well-being and ideal for offices and hotels.

Exceptional acoustic insulation capabilitiesExceptional acoustic insulation capabilities
Environmentally friendly flooringEnvironmentally friendly flooring

Environmentally friendly flooring

Dickson's R&D department has released a collection of flooring guaranteed phthalate-free, top and bottom layer included, and without plasticizers.

A company that respects the environment, users, air quality and indoor spaces, Dickson is committed to eliminating these controversial substances in its new collection as part of an eco-innovation approach compliant with the European REACH label.

Awarded Floorscore certification, Dickson flooring promotes good indoor air quality by controlling emissions of volatile organic compounds into the air.

Flame retardant

Dickson® flooring enjoys outstanding fire-resistance properties.

Our products have been successfully tested and certified to European standard EN 13501-1 and North American standard ASTM E 648.

Flame retardantFlame retardant
15-year warranty15-year warranty

15-year warranty

Based on the quality of its products and multiple laboratory tests to assess the performance of its flooring, Dickson® guarantees its flooring for 15 years.

This quality guarantee is a key criterion when choosing flooring.

Practical advice

Dickson® Flooring is quick and easy to lay on any surface, like all flexible flooring products, Dickson® flooring requires full glue-down.

For a faster, more flexible solution, detachable laying is also possible for tiles.

Practical advicePractical advice