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Dickson® woven vinyl flooring collections

Mirage, a rich and intense palette for a complete raised texture!

Mirage has a delicately uneven, raw and vibrant surface. A perfect balance between soft and intense, its natural-looking texture is inspired by sisal flooring. This range is available in a broad range of refined colors, from light to dark, with neutral tones complementing more fiery shades. 

Allure, let yourself be tempted by the ribbed grain of Allure and its tree bark appearance

Allure has a delightfully colorful, grained texture. The grain is mostly dark, creating an interplay with the colorful base. The delicate tones subtly bring the surface to life. A few deeper touches accentuate the softness of this range with its fresh hues.

Ecume, immerse yourself in its intense colours and effervescent graphics, straight from the marine world.

Like froth or fluffy clouds blending harmoniously with another surface of nuanced shades, Écume has an elegant, contemporary pattern. Available in a range of deep, natural colors, its texture adapts to any room design.

Elegance, its delicate velvety appearance will integrate perfectly into all your development projects.

Élégance is a timeless basic with a soothing and discretely semi-plain texture that works in any  environment. It is available in a neutral or subtly colorful palette that accents its timeless dimension. Élégance is a new generation of redesigned plains.

Empreinte, a range with a powerful identity, with a trompe-l'oeil pattern inspired by the art of paving.

A harmonious weave with a resolutely modern motif for settings filled with emotion and bold, distinctive designs. This timeless range of classic neutrals comes in nuances of gray with deep and delicate hues.

Cosmos, be thrilled by these suspended curves, imported from the astrological universe.

Organic, astral and aquatic, the texture of Cosmos, scattered with lively shapes, moves in one direction, then another, to create a gentle, slightly wavy rhythm. Available in a basic range of naturally stylish neutral tones, this line produces a pleasant, delicate effect. This lively motif is a vision of perpetual motion.